27 Mar


Stock prices have fallen recently and I wanted to touch base. Figuring out how the economic impacts of a global health crisis will play out is a challenging task. The market has responded by pricing in lots of new known information and lots of big unknowns. Uncertainty increases…

How to maintain Harmony among your Heirs
26 Feb

You’ve probably seen this dramatic moment on TV: A lawyer holds an envelope that contains the secret contents of a will. The children of the deceased are seated, each of them hopeful but visibly anxious. They wait with bated breath as the lawyer is about to announce the…

How To Stop Fighting Over Money
13 Feb

Valentine’s Day is around the corner—and while we enjoy chocolates and a nice dinner out as much as anyone, February 14 is a day that makes us even more mindful of how Canadians handle the subject of spending with their significant other. Surveys show that coupled Canadians spend…